Leadership Training Class

Neighborhood Coordinator

Debbie Sharp
(865) 215-3232

400 Main St., Room 528
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Engaging Neighbors to Develop Stronger Neighborhoods" is the latest version of the "Building Strong Neighborhood Organizations” workshop series.  This is a leadership training program created specifically for participants in and leaders of resident-led, resident-controlled neighborhood groups — as well as individuals who would like to start neighborhood associations in unorganized neighborhoods. Over 40 neighborhood leaders have graduated from this class in the past.  We consider anyone helping in a neighborhood organization or to start an organization to be a leader. 

This course will be offered again in January 2018. The facilitator, Ron E. Davis, is a 28 year resident of Knoxville and has taught many workshops of different topics over the years to help build community. He holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in Psychology from Wester Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky, respectively.  

This course is free and snacks are provided. 

Every participant in these workshops will receive tips and encouragement for developing a neighborhood improvement project.  Every neighborhood with active participants in the workshop series will be eligible to apply for up to $500 in funding with our Neighborhood Micro Grants Program. 

The program is designed to address a wide variety of questions and concerns about starting and sustaining an effective neighborhood organization.  Topics include styles of leadership, identifying and building a neighborhood’s most important asset, how to facilitate effective meetings, recruiting and retaining members, internal and external communications, decision-making, conflict resolution, and strategic planning.

Participants receive resources including a link to the book, “Building Powerful Community Organizations,” along with a 3-ring binder full of numerous “how-to” articles on various aspects of creating and sustaining community-based organizations.
If you have any questions or would like a hard copy of the application, please contact Hannah Freeman at 215-2034 or hfreeman@knoxvilletn.gov.