Field Operations

Police Chief

Eve M. Thomas
(865) 215-7000

800 Howard Baker Jr. Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37915

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Patrol Division Commander
Deputy Chief Monty Houk 

The Patrol Division represents 71.47% of the work force for the department. The Patrol Division consists of Two Patrol Districts (East and West), the Traffic Services Section and the Special Operations Section. Each District has a commander assigned who oversees its eight Patrol Squads. The Traffic Services Section includes the Motorcycle Unit, a Hit and Run Investigator and the School Crossing Guards. The Special Operations Section is comprised of the Animal Control Unit, Canine (K9) Unit, Explorer Unit, Field Training Officer Program, Inspections Unit, Knoxville Community Development Corporation (KCDC) Security Unit, Knoxville Public Safety Collaborative (KPSC), Reserve Unit, Teleserve Section and the Critical Incident Response Teams - Crisis Negotiations (Negotiators), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Mobile Field Force and the Special Operations Squad (SOS/SWAT).
The East District is headquartered at the Knoxville Center Mall. Staff offices and a public meeting room provide a convenient location for citizens to meet with officers to further enhance our community policing partnerships.
The East District provides services for approximately 51.57 square miles of the city. The district is generally bounded by Interstate 75/275 to the west, Midway Road to the east, south to Gov. John Sevier Highway, and north to Emory Road. The East District consists of a diverse population with clearly defined neighborhoods, businesses, and interstate commerce. In 2006, East District Officers answered 178,351 calls for police service and performed enforcement duties addressing crime, traffic, and public disorder issues. In an effort to increase the safety of motorists on our roadways, officers in the district made a total of 769 DUI arrests during 2006. In addition officers worked diligently to ensure the safety of school age children while issuing nearly 1600 citations within east district school zones. The East District has been proactive in its attempt to enhance the Knoxville Police Department's Community Policing Philosophy through partnerships with a total of 24 schools and 61 neighborhood watch groups and community organizations. East District officers attended over 130 community meetings that were held during the year. One example of the commitment to addressing concerns raised by citizens at these meetings would be the 265 prostitution arrests that were made in the district during 2006. In collaboration with the Tennessee State Probation and Parole Office, East District Officers conducted their annual "Youth Boot Camp" for "at-risk" children from the Phillip Moore Outreach Center in East Knoxville. This program provided officers an opportunity to lead and teach the youth in the community on how to deal with common problems that are plaguing our society. The officers were able to utilize this program to continue to break down the barriers that exist between police and the youth, who are the future of our community.
Additionally, East District Officers provided security and staffing for numerous community activities, including the Tennessee Valley Fair, Honda Hoot, KUUMBA Festival, Bag A Bargain, Dogwood Arts Festival, Christmas in the Park, Hot Rod Show, University of Tennessee home football games, Boomsday, Boo at the Zoo, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.
The East/Community Response Team (CRT) is a team of officers assigned to directly address concerns and complaints from citizens and citizen groups about crime and problems in their neighborhood. The CRT work in cooperation with investigators from CID and OCU to assist in follow- up in property crimes and drug complaints. The CRT is also tasked with confronting street crimes such as street drug dealers, gang activity and prostitution. During 2006, the East/CRT Team made 218 prostitution arrests, conducted 3 buy/bust operations, Seized $40,272, recovered 38 guns, issued 20 search warrants, made 183 felony arrests, 61 misdemeanor arrests, and captured 2 federal fugitives.
The West District provides services for approximately 50.95 square miles of the city. The district boundaries are generally west of Interstate 75/275 and west of 11th Street to the Turkey Creek development near Farragut. The area includes the University of Tennessee and various business and residential developments. In 2006 the West District officers answered approximately 115,757 calls for service and performed enforcement duties addressing crime, traffic, and public disorder issues. In an effort to increase the safety of motorists on our roadways, officers in the West District made a total of 1005 DUI arrests and issued over 1600 citations to Commercial Vehicle operators during 2006. In addition, officers worked diligently to ensure the safety of school age children while issuing nearly 1300 traffic citations within West District school zones. During 2006 construction on Interstate 40 between Interstate 640 and Walker Springs Road by year-end had been completed. West District officers continued an active enforcement program called "Be Safe" both during the construction and upon completion to re-enforce the importance of safe driving. Officers issued over 4,500 citations in this area in 2006.
In 2006 the West District combined the special teams assigned to specifically address drugs, prostitution, and property crimes in the district into one team to address all of these issues and named the team the Community Response Team (CRT). The Community Response Team was charged with addressing the serious issues facing neighborhoods by partnering with the citizens in the neighborhoods to root out those who chose to prey on the neighborhoods.

In 2006 the West CRT was responsible for clearing 74 property crimes with 334 arrests and recovered $800.00 in cash and over $104,397.00 worth of property, including 9 vehicles that were reported stolen and 18 firearms that were reported stolen. The team placed 98 prostitution charges in 7 prostitution stings and completed 16 search warrants, which added to the total of drugs and money seized by the team. Over 307 grams of crack cocaine, 558 grams of powder cocaine, 1,616 grams of marijuana, 52 marijuana plants, 538 controlled prescription pills, 14 grams of mushrooms, 1.4 grams of meth, and 10 doses of LSD were confiscated by the team. They seized over $26,227.00 in cash, 36 guns, and 7 vehicles while making over 600 arrests for drug activity. Their efforts have certainly made a major impact on the quality of life in the West District.