Crisis Negotiation Unit

Police Chief

Eve M. Thomas
(865) 215-7000

800 Howard Baker Jr. Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37915

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Lt. Bryan Malone

The Crisis Negotiation Unit is responsible for responding to incidents that require expertise by officers specially trained in crisis negotiation. The team currently has 23 members separated into three teams. They are on call one month a quarter and this assignment is in addition to their regular assignment. All officers on this team are trained with 80 hours of Basic and Advanced Negotiations instruction by the FBI and they also train 8 hours monthly as a team. 

Some examples of incidents that the Crisis Negotiation team responds to are suicidal persons, bridge jumpers and barricaded suspects. The team works closely with mental health professionals, veteran's assistance groups and other social service agencies to stay current on training and available options for assistance to persons in crisis.