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Work is Progressing on Public Riverwalk at River's Edge 
The River's Edge public riverwalk is about 75 percent complete.

Progress is continuing on the public riverwalk near the River's Edge apartment complex on Island Home Avenue - the riverwalk is about 75 percent complete!

Backfilling operations are scheduled to begin next week, and structural steel braces and beams have been put into place. Next, hollow core planks will be installed.

In addition, crews have completed the curb and gutter tie-in at Splendid View Circle to Island Home Avenue.

The $2.5 million public infrastructure is on schedule to be finished this summer.

Riverwalk at River's Edge is about 75 percent completed.
River's Edge apartments, a $14 million private investment, is set to open later this year.
The riverwalk and Splendid View Circle represent $2.5 million in public infrastructure investment.
Posted by evreeland On 12 April, 2016 at 5:50 PM