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Public Riverwalk at River's Edge Taking Shape 
The River's Edge riverwalk is starting to take shape.

If you're driving along Island Home Avenue this week, be sure to take note of the progress on the new section of riverwalk at the River's Edge apartment complex construction site. This section of public greenway along the South Waterfront is starting to take shape.

Last week, workers poured seven concrete footers for piers. This week, crews will be tying rebar and forming the walls of the new riverwalk.

The City’s overall South Waterfront plan calls for creation of a continuous 3-mile-long public riverwalk. With a section completed at City View and sections being built at Suttree Landing Park, at River’s Edge and at Riverfront Station and Riverwalk at the Bridges, more than one mile of new waterfront greenway is under construction or soon will be under construction.

Posted by evreeland On 01 February, 2016 at 5:32 PM